Studio Update – August 2015 – Issue #1


Studio Update – August 2015 – Issue #1

Dobrý deň!

This month’s studio update came a little later than expected, but we have some good and exciting news on the Lorna Bains series! Soo, here we go!

GDC Europe 2015:

  • This year, i (Dhel) have been at the European version of the Game Developers Conference for the first time! And it’s been an amazing experience!
  • All the sessions I’ve been to gave me a really good insight into being a game producer and developer. Some of the things I’ve learnt there, we will actually apply to our studio in the future.
  • While being there, i play-tested a very cool thing: Eye-tracking!
    The guys and gals at Tobii Tech built this amazing device, that let’s you track your eye movement and apply it not only to apps, but also games!
  • We’re probably going to build some sort of experimental support for this device into one of our future games. Did i mention they graciously handed me a devkit? Yeah!!

Lorna Bains:

  • Now, let’s talk some games, shall we? We are now actively developing the first prototype for “LORNA1“, as we call it internally. This internal prototype consists of the prologue scene, which is the first playable scene of the final game.
  • Resulka has been working day and night (sometimes literally!) on the scene and the models used in it, and we now have a rather complete scene to test things in!lornaproto_3
  • In this last screenshot, you can see the GUI idea we had. Sierra has used this sort of “context menu” in games like Leisure Suit Larry 7, and it allowed them to give the player a lot of options for one object. Also, you could type your own commands and add even more interaction that way. As you can see, it is..not pretty, neither is it full of options. Remember: Experiments! 🙂
  • LORNA1 has no release date yet, but we hope to have this prototype done by Q4 2015, and then move on to yet another prototype, this time for “Platonically, Of Course”.
  • I wanted to quickly mention, that these are not the newest screenshots, since by now, we have Lorna holding her umbrella and Keys, another character from the prologue scene.


Ooph! We’ve been working hard on all this stuff, and even if it is not the best thing out there.. This is our first ever project in Unity, and we are incredibly happy and proud of what we have achieved so far.

We hope you like it as much as we do, and we’ll see you to the next update!!


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel, Founder ReVenture Games